Wardha Saleem Regal Bridal Collection Winter Dresses 2016-17

Regal Bridal Collection is set of complete bridal dresses which are launched by Wardha Saleem for the women of Pakistan for this winter season.

These are not bridal party wear or formal dresses these are completely dedicated to wedding day which is known as Baraat day for the women.All dresses are inspired by the vintage art of Pakistani fashion which includes detailed embroidered work which is visible all over the dress.

This collection is designed with finest fabrics that are available in Pakistan as you know Pakistan is rich in cotton and finest quality fabrics are produced here in Faisalabad.

Regal Bridal Collection wardha-saleem-regal-bridal-collection-winter-dresses-2016-17-4

Bridal collections in Pakistan are of many types most of them are based on lehenga dress types which are the common bridal dress form of India and Pakistan.You must have seen lots of bridal dress designs on yourfirstwedding.com because it’s our duty to maintain our site with all the latest wedding content.

Luxury embellishments are used on all parts of the dress which will make it the luxury and fabulous for the winter wedding events.Winter is the best time to have wedding ceremonies all over Pakistan because people enjoy more in winter than any other season.

Color combinations of this collection are light not much darker shades have been used by the designer but embroidered patterns are darker which will have a dark effect on your presence and style.wardha-saleem-regal-bridal-collection-winter-dresses-2016-17-3

If you really want to look, like an eastern bride then Wardha Saleem Regal Bridal Collection is for you which is now available nationwide on all leading wedding stores and Wardha Saleem outlets.

The price of this collection will be bit higher than local dresses of these types because branded dresses are designed with great care and crafting so let’s see all the designs of Wardha Saleem Regal Bridal Collection from the following image gallery.

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