How to look like a perfect bridesmaid on your best friend’s wedding

With the lockdown being lifted nationwide now, we are going to be bombarded with loads of weddings in the coming a few months now. We are pretty sure that some of your best friends will also be getting married and you know that they are not going to let you sit back and relax in all of this.

From going shopping to getting treated like a chauffeur to selecting the perfect bridal, you will have to be there for all of it. And that’s not it, you will also have to be on the fourth front of all the dances and dholkis. That surely sounds like a lot of work and can make you look extremely tired and weighed down.

While you have planned to look perfect on your best friend’s wedding since forever, we are here to help you keep it just that way. We have jotted down some tips and tricks to make you look and feel beautiful inside out.

WorkoutHow to look like a perfect bridesmaid on your best friend’s wedding

A daily 30 minutes of exercise can do you more good than you can actually believe. It will give you an instant kick of energy and will help you feel fresh and active throughout the day. If you want, you can even engage your best friend in this activity to make it more fun and interesting. Working out will help tighten, tone, and firm your body. It will also help flush all the toxins from your body and will give you a clean and blemish-free healthy skin to look your best on your BFF’s big day.

Healthy hands and feet

With all the runs in this hot weather back in fourth in the scorching sun, it can take a toll and put quite the stress on your hands and feet and you will be using them to get all the work done and they will be exposed to the sun as well.How to look like a perfect bridesmaid on your best friend’s wedding

Take a break and go to the salon for some manicure and pedicure with your best friend to de-stress your body and get a good massage and pampering of your hands and feet while you sip on your favorite and refreshing drinking. This will help you freshen up and will keep your hands and feet looking fresh and healthy.

Skin and hair care

When you take loads of stress, your skin and hair are the very first things that get affected by it. And these are the thing that will be exposed the most in that lifetime of photos so you surely cannot leave them ignored. Increase your water intake and start taking vitamin supplements to give yourself some extra boost of goodness.How to look like a perfect bridesmaid on your best friend’s wedding

Try some at-home remedies of applying eggs and yogurt onto your hair and do regular oil treatment to keep your hair glossy and hydrated. Add the use of serums in your skincare routine that are rich in hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to keep your skin soft and your skin tone even.

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Invest in some professional hair and skin treatments, but not those extreme ones, to boost the health of your hair and skin. Regularly hydrate your skin with water and fruits and exfoliate your skin twice a week to keep it from breaking out and to drive out the dirt and oil from your pores.