Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection Vintage Style 2016

Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection are the vintage style lehenga and gharara dresses for the brides that they can wear on their wedding day or in wedding parties and events take a look at them below.

This collection is known as Falaknuma bridal collection you can wear these dresses in summer or winter weddings basically a wedding collection for all the seasons.Sana Yasir founded this brand in 2012 and since then they are producing embroidered luxury style wedding dresses for the Pakistani brides.

Using her traditional style creativity and embroidered art work fashion she has crafted beautiful luxury wedding collection in the form of Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection.You will go in deep thought when you will look at the dresses of Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection because these are designed with special care and art work.

Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal collection

All the dresses are in luxury designs some are lehengas,gharara’s and some are other dress types.All the traditional bridal collection lovers will love this Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection because it contains every element of traditional bridal wear.

This collection have the feel of vintage era the designs that women used to wear in the 50’s and 60’s converted into modern era with jeweled stone work and embroidery and making them more elegant.The jewellery seen on the dresses are not the part of collection you have to buy it other then the dress.

Sana Yasir suffuse bridal collection

Whether you wear Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection on your wedding event or some others you will look different and elegant more then before.The colors are excellently embellished with the zardozi work that is with embroidery you can see on the pix beautiful handcrafted work is done.

Mostly skin and cream color types are used because these colors makes your skin more fair and jewellery also attracts these color is always here to help you which dress type you need take a look at our other collection of dresses which we have covered for you for all the seasons.

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Lets check Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection pix gallery and see which dress type you need to wear on the coming events.

Sana Yasir Suffuse Bridal Collection Pix Gallery