Istanbul Bridal Collection Faika Karim Designs 2016

Istanbul bridal collection is another bridal dresses for Pakistani brides designed by Faika Karim for winter weddings see heavy embroidered work dresses in pix gallery.

Istanbul bridal collection have luxury styles of heavy embroidered Pakistani traditional dresses these were shoot in Istanbul Turkey that’s why these are known as Istanbul collection otherwise don’t think that these are not for South Asian women as the name suggests.

The heavy embroidered dresses are considered as luxury dresses because of jeweled embroidery threads and stone work that workers do on the dresses.All the dresses in this collection are floor length dresses no mater which style designer have used.Some of you may not have heard of this brand before you can contact them through facebook search for Faika Karim.

Istanbul Bridal Collection Faika Karim Designs 2016

They don’t have much collections that we can show you its just this one collection thought should be reviewed that’s why we at showing you these designs because of the heavy embroidery work on dresses.

The embroidery in any type is loved by Pakistani women no matter which type of dress it is there are number of dresses on which designers tend to do beautiful embroidery it can be done in two different ways one is digitally work.

Heavy embnroiderd dresses

Those collections are known as digital embroidered collection and the others are handmade which are done by workers of the brand those are called only embroidery.The famous is the handmade one’s because they have more style and design all women loves to wear handmade embroidery dresses.

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Mostly bridal dresses are done with handmade embroidery because these are designed with a lot of care then any other casual or formal dresses.In Pakistan the traditional bridal dresses are more carefully designed because every one looks at the bride and her dress at first sight and see’s how she has done her makeup and other stuff.See all of the luxury designs in Istanbul Bridal Collection pix gallery below.