Luxury Bridal Formal Wear Zara Shah Jahan Collection 2016

Luxury Bridal Formal Wear are elegant silver thread work dresses by Zara Shah Jahan for the summer special events so lets see the latest collection from the gallery given first read details.

Zara Shah Jahan is famous for bridal and formal wear dresses that are for both brides and single women her collections are always in elegant luxury designs.When ever luxury materials are used that dress is of high quality with great embellishments.

This collection is in white and ivory colors with a touch of purple and silver elements combined all of them is making this collection special.This fabulous collection is combination of traditional art and modern cuttings that women is looking to wear on events.

Luxury Bridal Formal Wear Zara Shah Jahan Collection 2016

This summer there are many festive occasions coming and you will be looking for soft fabrics but in elegant designs this collection have everything you need as a new bride because this color combination is perfect for you.With these dresses you can wear silver heels with jeweled work that will compliment dress more.

We have also shared Rahgeer Traditional Bridal Wear that was for wedding events just like the wedding ceremony after wedding events are also important in Pakistan.As a new bride these dresses will add more charm to your personality on the occasion you are going to wear.

There will be lot of get to gathers between family and friends because of Aftaar parties in Ramadan and after that its Eid these dresses can be worn on Eid day also.Some lace and net work is also involved but not in all dresses every dress is unique in its own manner.

Luxury Bridal Formal Wear

There are not much designs to choose because this is a limited design collection you can purchase all of them to look great on different After parties or any social events.After wearing Luxury Bridal Formal Wear you will grab attention of everyone because of the designs so lets explore all of them.