Rahgeer Traditional Bridal Wear Zara ShahJahan Collection 2016

Rahgeer traditional bridal wear dresses were launched for the weddings of all seasons in Pakistan for the women who loves to wear traditional bridal dresses.

This bridal collection was shoot at the railway station giving unique look to these bridal dresses this collection by Zara Shahjahan have every type of traditional bridal dress that women wear in Pakistan.Whether its lehenga,saree or any other type of frocks that you want to wear the designer have done great work for you.

The embroidered patterns are all over the dress with jeweled work that’s why these dresses are known as luxury bridal dresses.There are two types of gharara’s one is with jeweled embroidery work and one is with floral embroidery designs.

Bridal wear Pakistan

The saree have star jeweled embroidery which is on the palu also you can wear these on winter season too.Pakistani bridal dresses are almost for every season because of the embroidery work all over the dress that’s why these dresses are quite heavy so be careful while walking after wearing these you can’t run just walk gentle steps.

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All Pakistani bridal luxury dresses are in heavy embroidered work as you have seen our previous presentations on yourfirstwedding.com all luxury dresses are in heavy embroidery work.As lehenga is mostly worn in India and Pakistan that’s why from past few days we were showing you lehenga dress.

Embroidered bridal dress

But there are a lot of other types of traditional bridal dresses as you are seeing in the images of Rahgeer Traditional Bridal Wear a beautiful collection b designer Zara Shahjahan this is available in the market now just look for the Zara Shahjahan dresses on the shopping malls are stores near you.

There are a lot of collections by this designer so ask for the recently launched collection some of her other bridal work is also shown here you can search for her on the search box above.For now see Rahgeer Traditional Bridal Wear pix gallery and check the latest designs of bridal wear.