Bridal Embroidered Dresses Ali Xeeshan Collection 2017

The Bridal Embroidered Dresses traditional collection is launched for this summer season by one of the best bridal designers in Pakistan Ali Xeeshan.If you are a fan of traditional tribal designs then you should see collections of Ali Xeeshan almost in every collection you will find tribal embroidered designs.Ali Xeeshan is a versatile designer his collections are not only based on bridal designs you will get casual and formal dresses too.

Most wedding dresses are launched around the winter season in Pakistan because it’s the wedding season for Pakistan.But Ali Xeeshan had some other ideas he has launched his collection for the summer season where you might not see much weddings but because of the tradition having wedding event after Eid Ali Xeeshan have launched his summer bridal collection.

Bridal Embroidered DressesBridal Embroidered Dresses Ali Xeeshan Collection 2017

This collection is a bit similar to Ali Xeeshan Summer Wedding Collection which was launched last year and had the same type of embroidered designs as you are seeing on these dresses.Although these dresses are launched for the summer season but you can try them in Autumn and Spring season too.

This collection tells the story of eastern bridal designs every dress is inspired from the vintage era of Mughal Art and early Pakistani culture that we have forgotten now.The designer aim is to bring back that culture that represents Pakistan in a colorful way.

Embroidered patterns are the main theme of these dresses almost every part of the dress is designed with high-quality hand embroidered work which will have a stylish effect on the other person seeing you.

You can create your own style statement by trying heavy jewelry which will look great on these dresses because of the designs and embroidered prints.These embroidered prints are known as tribal prints which are seen nowadays only in Ali Xeeshan collections.

You can wear these dresses as a bride or as a wedding guest there will be just one slight difference like if you are wearing it as a bridal dress then there will be more jewelry and more makeup work and if you are wearing it as a wedding guest then there will be less jewelry and less makeup.

Overall makeup and dressing style will depend on you designer’s can just give you ideas and it’s up to you how to implement them on your personality and style.As you can get some ideas from these Bridal Embroidered Dresses images and some ideas will be given to you by your wedding planner or some designer that you have hired for your wedding.

There will be more wedding collections launching this summer because of the festive occasions Eid coming during the heart of summer season and as I mentioned earlier most families decide to have the wedding ceremony after Eid.

Ali Xeeshan is becoming famous for tribal designs this is his second wedding collection with these designs he has also shown his talent in summer lawn last year collaborating with Warda brand presenting the same type of designs like you are seeing in Bridal Embroidered Dresses collection.