Spring-Summer Bridal Traditional Dresses Nadia Ellahi 2016

Spring-Summer Bridal Traditional Dresses are designed by Nadia Ellahi this collection have all the elegant dress types that South East Asian women likes to wear including sarees and lehangas.

Nadia Ellahi started her fashion career in 2008 with beautiful elegant embroidered bridal collections that got famous nationwide.Now her collections are famous among the Pakistani’s living abroad she launched her latest Spring-Summer Bridal Traditional Dresses collection which have some Indian bridal dress types too.

Not only a bride can choose a wedding dress from this collection but this one have bridal party wear dresses too.Which you can wear in the summer events this collection is for overall seasons you can wear them whether its winter or summer.

Bridal event wear

As most of the weddings happen in Pakistan in the winter most that’s why most of the collections are launched in winter.You may not see bridal dresses launched in summer only winter is the time frame in which lots of wedding collections launch.

That is because summer is too hot not much of people decide to marry in summer season and summer is too long too.Winter is the shortest time frame among all the seasons in Pakistan so there is not much to choose from if you have wedding and you are in hurry.

Bridal Dress By Nadia Ellahi

Then this Spring-Summer Bridal Traditional Dresses have all the ready made dresses for you that you can choose in different types and designs.You will find sleeveless dresses and embroidered hand worked lehanga too.There is a long jeweled swarovski stone worked kameez with jeweled embroidery tights that one is for wedding events in evening.

This collection have beautiful color combination that are melded with the jeweled embroidery.All the Nadia Ellahi collections are in better quality jeweled work that women of all age group love to have on them selves.For now check Spring-Summer Bridal Traditional Dresses pix gallery and rate them according to the design.

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Spring-Summer Bridal Traditional Dresses Pix Gallery