Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection 2017-18

Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection was launched recently and now available on all leading retailers have a look at the designs launched in this collection.

Sanober Azfar is a well known bridal dress designer her collections are based on traditional designs and artwork which shows the glamour of Pakistani bridal fashion in traditional style.She is not only designing bridal dresses but her collections are ranging to pret and formal wears too.

Summer has gone winter is on the doorsteps and we all know winter is the wedding season in Pakistan that’s why designers all over Pakistan launch their collections around this time of the year.

Sanober Azfar latest bridal collection is known as “Rang E Gulnaar” which means the color of the pomegranate flower.She has used different traditional colors and patterns to make this collection more special so the woman can wear them on other days too on formal and social gatherings.

Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection

Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection 2017-18

Unlike other latest bridal collections which contain modern elements, Sanober Azfar has only considered traditional materials and designs to keep the bride purely in traditional fashion because Pakistani brides love to have purely traditional dresses and makeup.

All the dresses of Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection are different each one has it’s own unique style and can be worn on multiple occasions whether its a social gathering or a party as a bride you can wear any of the dresses available in this collection and look fabulous.

Sanobar Azfar brand is at its peak launched in the year 2008 with an aim to produce high quality bridal and formal wears now collection ranges from casual to semi-formals also in different styles and designs that Pakistani woman will love to wear.

On we have shared Sanobar Azfar dresses before you can check Sanobar Azfar Bridal Eid Lehanga post it was a lehenga collection which was launched last year.

But this year she has used a different form of traditional dresses which can be worn on parties and events.Because there are so many different types of traditional dress designs available for the Pakistani woman designers can use them or use those ideas to design their own collection.

Pakistan as a country is rich in culture and heritage that’s why you can find so many dress patterns of the traditional fashion which fashion designers are using them in their own collections.

Whether you are a new bride or going to become a bride Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection has all the designs that you need to wear this season.Sanober Azfar brand is available nationwide at selected retailers you can also shop online by logging on to the official website of the designer.

Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection 2017-18 Sanober Azfar Rang E Gulnaar Bridal Collection 2017-18