Le Secret Royal Galia Lahav Wedding Collection 2016

Le Secret Royal Galia Lahav Wedding Collection are the new bridal gowns for the summer season all the designs are luxury and glamorous check all the new designs of Galia Lahav.

Galia Lahav have launched two back to back different types of dress collections one is evening wear dresses Black Pearl and other one is Le Secret Royal bridal wear.We are discussing bridal wear here because we are concentrated towards bridal dresses.

This collection is inspired by Royal Gardens of the Royal families Galia Lahav have used those inspirations and converted them to dress patterns and designs.These dresses will make your wedding special and you will become princess and queen of your groom because of such romantic designs.

Le Secret Royal Galia Lahav Wedding Collection

Le Secret have extravagant silhouettes floral designs and embellishments of different luxury elements embroidered work have also been used with different types of thread.Dress design includes open backs,off the shoulder,skirts and tulle.

Just like evening wear collection this collection also have names for dress designs which represents the personality of the women.You can search for dress names on Galia Lahav website we will only show you the designs because that’s what we much care of and want to discuss with the new brides.

If you are having the marriage ceremony around summer and autumn days then its the best time to buy these dresses these are perfect for summer season because of the fabrics and art work.If you are having wedding in the winter time then Timeless Wedding Gowns from Galia Lahav is suitable for you.

Le Secret Royal Galia Lahav Wedding Collection

Every season Galia Lahav launches new dresses that are according to the season and trend all the collections are in luxury and glamorous designs in this collection you will find lots of glamour specially in celebrity style gowns which are favorite of your big screen stars.

Le Secret Royal Galia Lahav Wedding Collection is something that every bride need to see because it has those qualities and work that will make you feel like the queen on your wedding day.See all the designs from the gallery for buying contact the designer on brand’s official website.