J. Groom Sherwani Summer Designs Junaid Jamshed 2016

J. Groom Sherwani Summer Designs is the new collection for the summer weddings by Junaid Jamshed’s J. brand all the sherwani’s are in colorful stylish designs.

Junaid Jamshed is one of the top traditional brands of Pakistan designing from some years now for men women and children their seasonal festive collections are quite famous.Junaid Jamshed’s bridal collections are not much that famous but their Groom’s sherwani dresses are worn by men all over Pakistan.

There are quite few designer who design sherwani dress for groom.Otherwise you will get local made low quality stuff sherwani which some of you may not like.If you are spending for you special day then everything should be perfect from dressing to decoration we will talk about decoration ideas in our coming posts.

J. groom sherwani summer collection

There are just some designer who designs sherwani for groom all of them are famous in their design work like Arslan Iqbal his work is quite famous in groom category.Sherwani’s by J. brand are always in high quality work with embellished designs that you may not find anywhere else.

As this is the summer collection so fabric and material used on the dress will be light.You can wear these with shalwar’s,jeans or pajama.Traditional way is to wear it with shalwar but some prefer to change and make some unique style of their own.

J. Groom Sherwani Summer Designs Junaid Jamshed 2016

All the sherwani’s are in different colors mostly dark colors are used but there is a off white one with zardozi work which will look good on any type of groom.The light printed work is done near the neckline and button area of the sherwani which is perfect to wear on the summer season.

With these sherwani’s you can wear khussa or any type of other traditional shoe to make the perfect South East Asian groom style.Both Indian and Pakistani sherwani’s are almost in same designs and prints check out the designs in J. Groom Sherwani Summer Designs pix gallery.

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J. Groom Sherwani Summer Designs Pix