Groom Sherwani Designs Winter Party Wear HSY Collection

Groom Sherwani designs are for formal wearing in winter season designed by HSY(Hassan Shehryar Yaseen) for men who loves to wear traditional sherwani.

HSY is one of the top quality brand’s of Pakistan most of his work is related to female fashion like for bridal and formal event dress wearing.But some of his collections are for men too he recently launched Groom sherwani designs winter collection.

For this season parties and events that a Groom should be wearing.A Sherwani is basically South Asian Groom dress mostly worn by men’s of India and Pakistan.There are lot of other traditional dresses for weddings too but Sherwani is liked by most of the Groom’s to wear on their wedding or on special events.

Men sherwani designs

This type of dress is specially designed for specific events like weddings,family parties and other events that a new Groom has to attend.Sherwani traditional started from the Royal families of South Asia when Nawab’s started to wear these dresses in their formal occasions it become fashion.

Now there are formal luxury Sherwani’s too that are designed for business events that some of Indian Rajistani Royals wear.Some likes to wear it with pajama some will prefer to wear it with jeans in business formal events it is worn along with jeans.

Groom Sherwani Designs Winter Party Wear HSY Collection

In this Groom Sherwani Designs you will find orange,blue and green sherwani’s with golden thread work of embroidery on them.Which goes to the sleeves and cuff area too.Every Sherwani is with matching Pajama you can wear these with jeans but it should be matched so that it can give you the perfect look.

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If you wear these with jeans then you should choose a dress shoe if you wear it with shalwar or pajama you should wear khussa.It depends on how you want to look this collection is available at retailers having HSY collections.See Groom Sherwani Designs pix gallery and look what you can wear on this season special events.