Starlit Traditional Bridal Zaianb Chottani Collection 2016

Starlit Traditional Bridal Zaianb Chottani Collection are the luxury bridal wear dresses that women can wear on her wedding and feel special.

Your favorite designer have launched her first collection for spring/summer season known as Starlit Traditional Bridal Zaianb Chottani Collection.Zainab Chottani is one of the top designers of Pakistan her work is based on formal and bridal wear almost all designs in traditional forms.

This collection is in floor length type forms mostly lehenga is much seen then any other dress.Because lehenga is dual dress its bridal wedding day dress and bridal party wear dress too.Not only brides wear lehenga her friends and sisters are also in this dress types this is most widely worn in India then Pakistan.

Starlit Traditional Bridal Zaianb Chottani Collection 2016

Pakistani dresses are now changing they are in traditional forms but with different designs then the Indian one’s.Lots of heavy embroidered work is done on Pakistani bridal dresses you see saworvski and pearl work with embroidered embellished on bridal dresses.

Heavy embroidered dresses are easy to wear in winter but in summer some will feel difficult to carry such heavy and warm dress.That’s why summer bridal dress are light and easy to wear if heavy embroidery is needed it is only done on maxi or lehenga.

Starlit traditional zainab chottani collection

Light colors are loved by women in the spring/summer time that’s why designer have used pink,silver and blue.Dabka and glamorous sequins glitters are also used in some of the dresses by Zainab Chottani.If you are newly wed bride then you can wear this on the upcoming parties that you will be attending.

On we have shared 3 of Zainab Chottani bridal work before one of them was Dil Ruba Bridal Collection which were also in luxury designs.Now a days more luxury work is coming out from designers all around we have shared some of the luxury Pakistani dresses too.

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Lets see Starlit Traditional Bridal Zaianb Chottani Collection from the image gallery and see what you can wear in spring and summer.

Starlit Traditional Bridal Zaianb Chottani Collection