Sar-I-Sang Spring Bridal Collection Sobia Nazir 2016

Sar-I-Sang Spring Bridal Collection are the heavy embroidered bridal dresses by Sobia Nazir for Pakistani women to look more elegant and luxury check the designs presented below.

Sobia Nazir have produced numerous formal and bridal dresses for the Pakistani women most of her collections are of luxury formats with heavy embroidered work.The heavy embroidered dresses are famous among all the brides whether they wear it on their wedding day or any other event.

These types of dresses are in overall year no matter which season it is you can wear these dresses.Heavy dresses are quite warm too some women avoid these types of dresses in the summer season.

But now a days marriage halls are fully air conditioned there should not be any problem of wearing these types of dresses in the summer season.

Sar-I-Sang Spring bridal collection

This Sar-I-Sang Spring Bridal Collection are the romantic bridal dresses in vintage style of South East Asian fashion.These types of designs can be found in Indian fashion too, almost designs are same in both of the countries.

These Sar-I-Sang Spring Bridal Collection are more of like Mughal bridal dresses giving you the feel of Mughal era that ruled over sub continent.Colors like beige,gold,silver,tea pink are used with lace and embellished stone embroidery work done by hand.

The embroidered lehenga is in gold thread work too some of other traditional bridal wear are also part of this collection.But most common dress you will see in this Sar-I-Sang Spring Bridal Collection is lehenga.

Sar I Sang spring bridal collection

Lehenga is the most popular and worn dress in India and Pakistan you must have seen lots of lehenga dress styles on jewelry shown is for your example to show you how you can carry jewelry with these bridal dresses.

Silver or Gold both jewelry types will match the dresses and will look great on you.Check all the designs of Sar-I-Sang Spring Bridal Collection and tell us in the comments which dress is your favorite.

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