Nilofer Shahid Fancy Bridal Collection 2016

Nilofer Shahid fancy bridal collection is known as Rembrandt Bridal Collection it was launched at Pakistan Fashion Week 2015 see fancy bridal party wear dresses in pix.

This is the fancy collection which are normally only showcased at the Fashion Weeks these types of dresses are always shown on Fashion Weeks all over the world.The designer have done an excellent job in this Nilofer Shahid Fancy Bridal Collection.

This collection has further embellished with striking embroideries and motifs to make the bridal more gorgeous and miraculous, if you want to think like a princess on the tremendous day of your existence.

Black bridal party wear

You are going to find five gigantic and startling inventive patterns of Rembrandt on this bridal assortment, you’re going to in finding Etching, Chiaruscuro, Baroque, military and despair patterns in this bridal party wear.

Nilofer Shahid has merged some detailed overseas styles with Pakistani usual bridal attire, she has crafted this bridal assortment with the couture of Dutch artist Rembrandt, this collection contains two forms of bridal clothes.

Bridal party wear dress

First class is for many who want to put on ordinary bridal gown with a contact of overseas patterns, second category of this bridal assortment is for many who are looking for elegant bridal costume crafted with overseas styles with the contact of common Pakistani bridal wear.

Nilofar Shahid continually presents big and impressive dresses in her each collection, the artistic patterns and tailoring are the specialties of her bridal collections, this modern-day bridal assortment is specially for these ladies who wish to fascinate their selves with attention-grabbing and gorgeous bridal wear on their marriage day.

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Nilofer Shahid has provided extraordinary and crowd pleasing bridal dresses in her bridal collection this collection has just lately introduced in fashion Pakistan Week.Let’s have a seem on the gorgeous styles and designs of this bridal assortment in Nilofer Shahid Fancy Bridal Collection pix gallery.