Chrystelle Atalah Summer Bridal Collection 2016

Chrystelle Atalah Summer Bridal Collection are very elegant and trendy summer bridal gowns that you will love to have on yourself during your special memorable time.

From childhood she have been loving the fashion items and wanted to become the fashion designer because of the artist family background.Those artist work that she have experienced in her younger age have been translated to the dresses that you will see in the end.

At age of 18 she joined Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode where she learned art of designing and pattern making.You will find various fancy patterns on these bridal gowns that will make you chic and stylish like you were dreaming of becoming.

Chrystelle Atalah Summer Bridal Collection

She have worked under notable fashion brands and designers to get some experience in the fashion field by the age of 23 she was mature enough to launch her first ever collection.Her dream come true when she launched her fashion house of which dresses you are seeing.

All her collections are based on hand made embroidery,fancy materials and delicate designs that you are finding in a wedding dress.Every gown have its own story and will be remembered for the years to come because of your style and persona after you wear these dresses.

If you are looking to become princess on your wedding ceremony then there are some princess style gowns that you should look at,lace and net work is also seen on some of the gowns we have collected all the images and pasted for our readers in the gallery.

Chrystelle Atalah Summer Bridal Collection

Dresses are in long length forms mostly in very long that have the princess look feeling you can wear these as you were dreaming from your younger age.When it comes to footwear we have shared Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes that you should look if you want branded shoes.

So lets check designs of Chrystelle Atalah Summer Bridal Collection that was launched recently all dresses are available on designer official website.Another bridal collection that you should see is Summer Wedding Gowns Collection.