Akhtar Jaan Bridal Couture Summer Collection 2016

Akhtar Jaan Bridal Couture Summer Collection have bridal lehenga and frock type dresses for Pakistani women to wear on summer weddings with Ayesha Imran & Hamna Amir jewellery check them below.

Akhtar Jaan Bridal Couture Summer Collection is the jeweled lehenga collection one of the luxury bridal dresses that you will love to wear on your special day.You will love these lehenga dresses they are giving the feel of old Mughal era with beautiful embroidery of jeweled thread work all over the dress.

The jeweled thread golden work are done on the lehenga you will see lines of romantic embroidery that is giving romantic look on a dress.Lehenga is more worn in India then Pakistan but some of the Pakistani brides love to have this dress.

Akhtar Jaan Bridal Couture

Lehenga dress are not only wedding day dress these can be worn on parties and events too.You must have seen lots of lehenga dresses on yourfirstwedding.com but most of them are for Indian brides.If you are looking for some Pakistani wedding lehenga dresses then these Akhtar Jaan Bridal Couture Summer Collection dresses are for you.

Not much colors are used the pink and skin color is used with other jeweled colors to make this beautiful luxury wedding collection.These types of colors are used on weddings in Pakistan mostly red,pink because these are the colors of love.

Jeweled lehenga dress

Wedding is the most important day of our lives and we all want to look fabulous and different from our daily routines.In traditional category of wedding dresses in Pakistani fashion industry you may find lots of dress types lehenga is just one type.

There are more in many forms in the western part of the world gown is most worn dress type on the weddings but if you are South Asian bride you can find lots of dress types like Akhtar Jaan Bridal Couture Summer Collection.

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