Zarqash Luxury Chiffon “Vasl” Formal Collection 2018

Zarqash Luxury Chiffon Formal Collection was launched recently for the wedding season so the woman can wear glamorous dresses designed in a traditional way.

Zarqash was founded in 2014 with an aim to produce high-quality luxury dresses for the brides in Pakistan they also design semi-formal and formal dresses.The brand is related to the bridal category because in a span of 3-4 years they have shown their best work in the wedding dresses category.

Recently, Zarqash launched their latest formal collection known as “Vasl” which includes formal and semi-formal dresses that can be worn at weddings or on any special occasions happening during the winter season.

Zarqash Luxury Chiffon Formal Collection

Zarqash Luxury Chiffon Vasl Formal Collection 2018

This collection has been inspired by the eastern vintage wedding dresses with handcrafted work and luxury elements that can be seen all over the dresses.

Zarqash wanted to show the glamour and rich culture of eastern fashion that’s why each dress is designed with detailed work shows the great craftsmanship of the brand.

This latest Zarqash Luxury Chiffon “Vasl” Formal Collection is pure elegance and shows the creativity of designer team behind the Zarqash brand.They are versatile in terms of designs and have used vintage designs cleverly to show their best work for this year.

Eight elegant and luxury dresses are available for a stylish woman who is looking for some vintage modern luxury dresses which are inspired by vintage fashion.

Because of embellishments and artwork this Zarqash Luxury Chiffon “Vasl” Formal Collection is a must-have in your wardrobe.Quality of Zarqash is always superior that’s why dresses can last longer so you won’t have to worry about the season is going to end because you can always wear them in next season.

Each dress of Zarqash Luxury Chiffon “Vasl” Formal Collection is designed with beautiful floral embellishments and luxury embroidery that will take your breath away.

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One of the finest and elegant collection for this season which can be worn on wedding events, social gatherings and on festive occasions.Launched and available at Zarqash outlets and online store you can place your order online also.

Zarqash Luxury Chiffon Vasl Formal Collection 2018

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