Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection 2016

Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection is another jeweled lehenga collection which women can wear on their weddings as their wedding dress or wedding party wear dress check all of them below.

This Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection not only have lehenga you will find ghara and other forms of bridal dresses too.These are more like Indian lehenga choli dresses but with jeweled embroidery on parts of lehenga and dress and jeweled thread work is used in all part of the dress.

Most of the dresses in this Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection are luxury dresses that bride can wear in summer weddings.The lehenga is quite heavy because it contains dabka,zardozi and kamdani work which makes the dress heavy.

Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection

Pakistani wedding dresses are heavy in terms of designs and fabric used.The jeweled stone work also makes the dress quite heavy these types of embroidery are only done on wedding dresses.The other dress forms found in Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection are traditional gharara type dress and other floor length traditional dress type.

Floor length dress types are most chosen one’s on any countries wedding like the gown in western part of the world and lehenga and other dress types for the south east asian countries.Lehenga is also floor length dress but with difference the embroidered work is only done on Indian and Pakistani dresses.

Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection 2016

You can look for more lehenga dresses on by searching the lehenga term on the search field above.This Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection is perfect for spring and summer season weddings whether you are bride or bridesmaid you can wear these dresses to look more elegant.

Beautiful colors are used like lemon green,skin color,red and other forms of dress that are made by combining all these dress colors.Check Nadia Ellahi Summer Wedding Collection and see what type of dress you can wear on your wedding or as a wedding guest.

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