Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection “La Papillion” 2017-18

Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection is based on modern traditional luxury patterns that brides will love to wear on after events of the wedding and other special occasions.

Elan is the most luxurious brand of Pakistan and when it comes to luxury traditional dresses prices will always increase and Elan collections are considered one of the most expensive ones available in the Pakistani market.

Their prices are higher because of the quality and amount of work that has been crafted on the dress they use different embellishment materials and mostly the work is done by the hand.

Elan collections are available in both modern and traditional designs they have a different range of dresses for formal and bridal most of their work are seen as the bridal category.

This latest bridal formal collection is known as “La Papillion” and it is launched at the perfect time when wedding season is going to start and you must have received some invitations for the wedding ceremonies in your family or friends.

Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection “La Papillion”

Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection La Papillion 2017-18

Elan is launching regular collections this year previously they have launched Elan Bridal Dresses and a formal collection but as now the season is changing and we all know winter is considered as the wedding season.Brands like Elan will be launching bridal wedding day and bridal event wearing dresses.

Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection “La Papillion” not just have dresses for the brides it has formal dresses for the woman who are going to attend the wedding ceremony.All dresses are different and each dress is designed by hand in detailed embroidery and sequins work.

A lot of embellishments are used to make this collection perfect for the wedding season you can wear these dresses till the spring season without feeling uncomfortableness because fabrics and work done on the dresses are designed in that way so you can easily wear them.

Designs are a combination of modern and traditional modern and colors are mixed mostly light color schemes are used because the designer team wanted to have more embellishments on them so they can be clearly seen.

Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection “La Papillion” consists dresses of different types and designs we are sure you will find the dress of your type in this collection because the designer team have shown the versatility and provided the options to choose the dress according to their fashion taste.

Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection “La Papillion” is available on all leading Elan stores you can also shop online by visiting Elan official web.

Elan Luxury Bridal Formal Collection La Papillion 2017-18

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